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FIT stands for fair, intelligent transport for Wellington. This site is a collection of essays mostly about light rail, why it’s needed, and what it would look like in Wellington.

The N2A Talking Points summarise the big ideas for making Wellington a more vibrant, more liveable city.

We present The Case for Light Rail and its role in making Wellington a City of Well Connected Communities. We propose how to fit Bus and Light Rail in Central Wellington.

Route design options are technically feasible, given various Light Rail Planning Assumptions, and are based on generally-accepted Planning Principles.

There are answers to some Light Rail FAQ and some Myth Busters. FIT made a LGWM Submission supporting light rail.

We discuss why Bus Rapid Transit is Unsuitable and consider ways of Making Tram-Train Work.

Routes presented here are options, not recommendations. Other options are available and FIT does not have a preferred option.

A feasible light rail route and stops

FIT is a founding member of the Congestion Free Wellington coalition.

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