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This page is a mock-up of a survey form to gather data on people’s views of the options identified in A New Public Transport Approach. There is no Submit button—it is not an on-line survey, but it can be printed and used as a paper form.


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The purpose of this survey is to gather views on the light rail route options presented in A New Public Transport Approach. See the route maps on pages 6 and 8. FIT Wellington will use the results to enhance its communication and present more information on any options which emerge as heavily favoured. The survey will take 5–10 minutes to complete.

  • ☐  Read and understood

To what extent do you agree with the following statement? “From reading and reflecting on A New Public Transport Approach, I have developed an informed opinion on the options proposed.”

  • ☐  Agree
  • ☐  Disagree

If you ticked Disagree:

  • Please explain why
  • Go to 9

On leaving the railway station, the light rail line could go along Lambton Quay or along the waterfront. Which do you prefer?

  • ☐  I prefer Lambton Quay (option 1a)
  • ☐  I am neutral
  • ☐  I prefer the waterfront (option 1b)

If the route follows Lambton Quay, the line could go to the Willis St corner onto Willeston St or turn at Panama St. Which do you prefer?

  • ☐  I prefer Lambton Quay and Willeston St
  • ☐  I am neutral
  • ☐  I prefer Panama Street

Once past the Michael Fowler Centre, the line could go along Cuba St onto Abel Smith St or along Taranaki St. Which do you prefer?

  • ☐  I prefer Cuba Street (option 2a)
  • ☐   I am neutral
  • ☐  I prefer Taranaki Street (option 2b)

From Newtown to Kilbirnie, the line could go to the zoo with a tunnel to Kilbirnie, at a cost of $656m, or along Constable St and Crawford Road, at a cost of $444m. In other words, the tunnel option adds about $210m to the cost. Which do you prefer?

  • ☐  I prefer the zoo and a tunnel (option 3a)
  • ☐  I am neutral
  • ☐  I prefer Constable Street (option 3b)

The $210m it would cost for the tunnel option could pay for over 4km of surface track. Which do you think would offer the best value for money?

  • ☐  A tunnel from the zoo to Kilbirnie
  • ☐  An extension to the line (to be determined)
  • ☐  Neither: we can’t afford to spend more than $450m

Any other comments

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